Ruffles, Swags, Drapes and Ribbon Roses

Today I started the Ultimate Fondant class with Julie Bashore in Lancaster, PA. We began the class learning to roll fondant and apply it to a cake. The way we learned was so much better than what I have been doing! Not only was it easier but it uses considerably less fondant than what I normally would have. After the cake dummy was covered we applied a ribbon edge and then learned to make ruffles. These were not easy and took me a couple of tries before I was happy enough with it to put it on cake. After we did the one ruffle we did a double ruffle in two colors and finished the inside edge.

If you have been following me for a while, you will remember that I competed in the National Capitol Area Cake Competition in Virginia last year. Well, while we were in class today, Julie talked about how most people’s fondant work is too heavy…and my mind went right back to a comment from one of the judges in the cake show about my fondant work. Guess who was one of my judges for the show last year?! Yup you got it…Julie Bashore! She gave me a 41 out of 60 and had some really great comments and compliments! How cool is that? This was her scorecard from last year. Having met her and seen her work first hand, I am very, very honored to have received marks that high!

The next technique involved cutting a different border, removing the cutout pieces of the eyelets and then creating a ruffle or using the shell tool on the edges. applying the border with the ruffle on the top gives the cake a really cool look. Julie explained that if we had been doing a true eyelet cake we would then pipe around the holes but we weren’t going to be doing that in class.

The last part of the class today was making swags, drapes and ribbon roses. The swags were created using three pieces of 1/2″ pvc pipe. Once the drape was formed we attached it to the side of the cake with a little water. The swag was two color and really fun to make. We rolled our two pieces of fondant in contrasting colors. Then we pressed them together and cut them into a rectangle and marked the center lengthwise. Using a cutting tool we cut from the edge to the center mark on a diagonal on each end making a triangle. The swag was laid over a piece of pvc and the edges were then folded in and out to create the folds and pinched together at the top.

The ribbon rose was actually very easy and looks very cute and puffy. To make the rose, first roll out the fondant in a long strip. Work with fondant lengthwise in front of you. Wet the edge closest to you and fold the ribbon in half leaving a good pocket of air at the fold then roll the ribbon while pinching the bottom to make the flower. Cut off bottom and apply to the cake with water.

This was just day one of a five day class. I CAN’T WAIT FOR TOMORROW!!!

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